Special collection "Dompelingen" designed for Philadelphia Zorg

Fenna Oosterhoff designed an exclusive porcelain set for Philadelphia Zorg, a healthcare institution in the Netherlands.
Philadelphia assists people with intellectual disabilities and provides day care activities for them. Philadelphia started a (web)shop that contains attractive and affordable products made by their clients.

Fenna Oosterhoff designed a set of tableware and she gave workshops to explain the ceramic technics, so that the clients could start production.

The collection "Dompelingen" consists of a handcast porcelain vase/carafe, a cup and a small dish. The products are partially glazed, creating a rough and smooth surface.

Each product is made by the clients of Philadelphia Zorg. The products are all handcast and might vary in color, thickness or glaze, which gives them a unique character.

You can buy them at the Philadelphia webshop!



Lamps for Chamber of Commerce

These stoneware pendant lights are used in the interior of the new headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce in Utrecht.




Business gift for the 5th anniversary of Dudok Arnhem

After graduating Fenna Oosterhoff was approached by Café Brasserie Dudok Arnhem to make promotional gifts for their 5th anniversary.

Fenna Oosterhoff has designed an apron with a matching towel and made an exclusive edition for Dudok Arnhem. The towel is made by Textielmuseum Tilburg and has the Dudok logo embroided in it.


Reference in Dutch:

"Dankzij de prettige samenwerking met ontwerper Fenna Oosterhoff zijn wij als dé Arnhemse ontmoetingsplek in staat geweest om onze relaties en medewerkers een prachtig gemaakt en kwalitatief hoogwaardig keukenschort cadeau te doen. Truly Made in Arnhem!"

Robert Wittenberg
directeur Café Brasserie Dudok Arnhem





Porcelain labels
for NIKKI GILING accessory design

NIKKI GILING is a bags and accessory designer in Arnhem. All her products are handmade with high quality materials.

Fenna Oosterhoff made these unique labels for Nikki Giling. They are made of unglazed taupe colored porcelain, matching the warm basic colors of Nikki Gilings designs and providing her products with a special finishing touch.

You can find her studio and shop at the Klarendalseweg 393 in Arnhem. www.nikkigiling.com

Photography: Masha Bakker



Business Gift for Impuls Partners

Fenna Oosterhoff designed and produced a business gift for the innovative consulting firm IMPULS / Partners in spacial development.

This Oil and Salt set consist of a beechwood platter and glass tubes with spouts. The tubes contain olive oil and sea salt.
This gift can be used as a jointly appetizer, using the compartments in the wooden platter to dip fresh bread in olive oil flavored with the salt.

Reference in Dutch:

"Fenna Oosterhoff heeft direct zelfstandig en onderbouwd gezocht naar aansluiting van geschikte materialen passend bij onze ontwerp aanvraag. Fenna Oosterhoff luistert en vertaalt wensen, zonder haar eigen stijl los te laten. Hetgeen haar en het ontwerp siert."

IMPULS / partners in ruimtelijke ontwikkeling B.V.




In collaboration with jewelry designer, Dieuwke Raats, Fenna Oosterhoff designed a porcelain wedding ring plate as an alternative for the classical ring pillows.

The names of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding are pressed into the plate. It serves as a carrier for the wedding rings during the ceremony, and as a personal memory of a beautiful day.

This design can also be used as a precious birth plate.

They are available at Dieuwke Raats gold smith: www.dieuwkeraats.nl