BABYLON flowerpot
new collection: wall products with an easy-to-use hanging system

My new collection consists of a series of wall products, such as flowerpots, a wall vase, a clock and a wall lamp. For these products I designed an easy to use, waterproof hanging system.
With this system you can easily take the products from your wall and just as easily place them back. You can even exchange the products, which allows you to create a new look on your wall within seconds.

The round shapes and the characteristic, playful edges in the design give a fresh and pure look. They seem to be floating on the wall.

On the right you see Babylon, a flower pot. Babylon will carry your plants and it is also very handy in the kitchen for fresh herbs for example.

The wall products are made of porcelain. The flowerpots, vase and clock are available in five different colors: white, pink, ochre, green and turquoise.

size: 153 x 135 mm
material: porcelain
available colors: white, turquois, green, ochre and pink.

The colors may differ slightly from the image.